David Hamilton works for the Department of Energy in the area of new generation power systems. He explains that we have nearly exhausted the world’s supply of fossil fuels, just at the time when Asia and China are undergoing an “industrial revolution” and are positioning to become bigger consumers of these fuels than the “first world” countries already are. In order to alleviate the current Earth crises of environmental pollution, global warming, etc. and advance as a sustainable technological society, we must develop technologies that don’t fit into the old paradigm. We have designed a world that feeds on oil and those oil supplies are becoming more and more limited. Now if we look at what the supply of oil is, never before in our history have we been in a position where supply and demand would intersect. But in about 10 years we will see the intersection between supply and demand and that means that we will be seriously supply limited… In working with the Russian universities, they did what I consider one of the best gravitational experiments ever done. It was at the High Temperature Materials Laboratory in Russia. They had done their experiment off-site and demonstrated that this device could develop a 35 percent reduction in the gravitational field.

Now we saw that. We were very impressed with it. The high gravitational researchers at DOE, I had them look at it. We were all interested in it. We would like to follow up on that to do a second type of experiment – duplication, reproducibility, getting back to the issues of how do you get good science. But you run into a lot of resistance among people. And in the Russian case it was even more so. When they were away from this off-site laboratory – it was across the street from the university, as I understand it – the place was completely ransacked.

All the equipment was lost. Now lucky for us they had their recordings, they had their videotapes, they had their presentation materials. All of that was still intact. But the machine was lost as well as a lot of the equipment necessary to duplicate that test.

It may have been that there were some Mafia type individuals involved, thinking that there might be some profit in this thing. And my Russian friends say that part of the government that does that sort of thing is no different from the Mafia. So that complicates the problem….

I am concerned that if we don’t do something very soon, any society that begins to be resource limited begins to eliminate the problem causing that resource limitation. And I would hate to see us get into the position where other people want to eliminate us or we have to eliminate them in order to continue our lifestyle. And that’s why it’s so important that we start now.

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