Mr. Johnson was putting himself through college working at Century Graphics in 1971/72. Part of his job was to run blueprints through a large printing machine. Century Graphics used to get jobs from various military electronics firms such as Lockheed, Litton, Hughes and RCA. While he had no clearance, there were times when his assistance was needed on top-secret documents. In one case he was working on a lithograph negative of the routes for all the American and Russian subs. In his testimony he states that he also worked on a huge electronic diagram from Hughes-Suma Corporation. In the center of the diagram in a large rectangle it said “antigravity chamber.” When he completed his work he turned to the man training him showing him the verbiage. This man yelled at him, "are you trying to get me fired!!? Put that away, you never saw that, forget you ever saw that!". This was an "Eyes Only Document" and signs and flashing lights were placed around the press area.

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