In France.the 9th June 2012.

Dear Bouroubey Mohamed 623,chemin d'eternaz 01000 Bourg-en-bresse France N° Tel:0033621267893

Hello, I writes you continuation(suite) having seen your web site while I am to throw(launch) in the field of the aeronautics and spaciale and having conceived(designed) more than around thirty engine more successful than those to propose on the international market and some of them would work without the boat of fuel but my last discovery are going to surprise you because I succeeded To be able to prove the technology to use for the conception(design) of the UFO according to a physical formula that I finalized(worked out) the man could also reach(affect) a speed of more than 1000Yard / second according to regulations to make on the engine the type of necessary conception of which I know then if you wish to have physical and mathematical proofs I would be in the possibility of your to communicate information secret about my searches(researches) of my future company in the field of the conception(design) of motorization in the civil and military aeronautics then in the domain spaciale Which(Who) would prove to the world that the man can too have means in the aeronautics more advanced than what what certain persons can imagine and reach(affect) speeds which the man cannot even imagine himself then ' it wish to it you please put me in connection with the professor of physical appearance(physics) John C. Kosher to pass on to(to transmit) him(her) proof of physical calculation of the possibility of conception(design) of almost identical motorization that those by with whom UFO are equipped.To give you an idea of to move forward him(it) technological that I have please visit my web site which is only available on googl to call HTTP: // Thank you in advance for your answer then hesitate not to ask me for explanations on the principle of his(her,its) motorization if you wish it because being me to inspire for the study and the physical conclusion of typifies of engine by means of nobody as believing in you in the existence and in it moved forward technological