Colonel Williams entered the Air Force in 1964 and became a rescue helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He has an electrical engineering degree and was in charge of all the construction projects for the Military Air Command. During his time in the military he knew that there was a facility inside of Norton Air Force Base in California that no one was to know about. He heard that there was a UFO craft stored there and that people such as certain Senators including Bob Dole had visited the facility. Colonel Williams also relates another story that his father told him: One time attending a dinner party he had a conversation with a high-level RAND official who told him that the government was spending more money on antigravity devices than any other project in the history of this country. JW: Lt. Col. John Williams SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JW: There was one facility at Norton Air Force Base that was close hold- not even the wing commander there could know what was going on. During that time period it was always rumored by the pilots that that was a cover for in fact the location of one UFO craft. The reason for that location was that folks could come out, land at Norton, play golf, be part of a golf tournament and so forth and during that process could go by the facility and actually see the UFO. But I was never allowed in that area when I was there at Norton Air Force Base. …

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish which establishes that indeed a UFO was stored at this facility at Norton AFB. SG]

SG: You were able to validate that it existed?

JW: That’s correct because I was responsible for that base’s facilities from 1981-82.

SG: What kind of VIPs would be put in and out of there that might have seen these UFOs?

JW: It can actually be senators. In fact, it’s my understanding that Bob Dole was at that facility. It’s also possible that back in the early ‘50s that Eisenhower actually visited that facility…

During a dinner party with a very, very close friend, a RAND employee was invited. This is located in the Ventura area, which was near their RAND operation. This story impacted my father and he relayed it many times to me. He said that during that party after several drinks this RAND official said that the government was spending more money on antigravity than any other project in the history of this country. Therefore he believed at that time that we had actually developed operational antigravity systems. That spending would probably have been started shortly after World War II, I would think. That this would be an ongoing effort for many years.

I basically understand that the person who relayed this information was at a high level there at RAND Corporation…

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